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December 2007

The question comes up pretty constantly, what do you eat in a day?  How do you guys do it?  

I decided to set up this section of the website to share some daily menus.  Chances are it won't be updated daily, but if it helps you spark a few new ideas, then all the better.

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Dec  30
Breakfast- Fried egg with canadian bacon, ff cheese, and mushrooms on a  toasted  english

Lunch - Chicken soup, clementines, apples

Dinner - Cream of wild mushroom soup, wild mushroom risiotto, warm apple tart with ginger ice gelatto

Dec 30
Brunch - mixed appetizers, roast pork, chicken marsella, peas and mushrooms, cavatelli

Dinner - roast pork, shrimp, mushrooms and spinach


Dec 29
Breakfast - scrambled eggs, cheese, biscuits, corned beef hash

Dinner - Party at the neighbors, soprasetta, ziti, ceaser salad, cheeses, sausage and peppers, cake and ice cream

Dec 28
Lunch - Leftover chicken and potatoes, broccoli

fruit salad

Dinner - 

Dec 27
Lunch - Tossed salad, low fat cheese, ham, tomatoes, olives


Dinner - Roasted chicken and potatoes, broccoli, roasted pineapple

Cold cereal as a snack later

Dec 26
Lunch - Steak burrito mix, fruit salad

Dinner - Whole Wheat Linguini with seafood sauce, shrimps, baked apples, mushrooms, broccoli

Clementines later

Dec 25
Lunch - Dinner - Ham, carrots, salad, mushrooms, fruit, nuts
Dec 24
Breakfast - Eggs, canadian bacon, english muffin

Dinner - Christmas Eve fish, shrimp, scallops, flounder, potatoes, broccoli, whole wheat linguini in a seafood sauce.

Dec  23
Breakfast - Eggs Benedict, home fries

low fat cheese as a snack

Dinner - Clementine and pomegranate glazed leg of lamb, orange cranberry rice, stuffing, steamed mixed veggies, lot fat frozen yogurt later

Dec  22
Breakfast - Egg beater omlette, mushroom, onion, soy cheese, home fries

Dinner - Chicken soup, croutons

Dec 21
Lunch - Mulligatani soup and salad

Dinner - grilled pork, salad, tangerines

Dec 20
Lunch - fruit salad

Dinner - mexican lasagna, sautéed mushrooms, onions, spinach, cold cereal as a snack later

Dec 19

Lunch - Grilled flank steak over greek salad

Dinner - Cheese, mushroom, and onion quesadillas, apples

Dec 18
Lunch - Whole Wheat Mexican Lasagna


Dinner - melted cheese on baked corn chips, Chicken soup, frozen peppermint fat free yogurt

Dec 17
Lunch - Turkey meatballs, steamed broccoli

Low fat cheese melted on nan

Dinner - Herb crusted grouper,steamed veggies, apples

Dec 16
Breakfast -  Onion, mushroom and pepper omlette, ham and sweet potato hash

Asian meatballs in soy sauce, stuffed mushrooms, and humus and chips as  a mid afternoon snack.

Fat free frozen peppermint yogurt

Dinner - Lamb and cocoanut curry, cauliflower and potatoes, pineapple later.

Dec 15
Breakfast -  Scrambled eggs, corned beef hash, biscuit


Dinner - Dinner party, stuffed veal chop, steamed veggies, cranberry Clementine rice, peppermint frozen yogurt, sautéed mushrooms and fennel in wine sauce, roasted potatoes, asian meatballs, stuffed mushrooms

Dec 14
Lunch - Holiday party, flank steak, salad, grilled veggies

Dinner - Swordfish and steamed broccoli

Dec 13
Lunch - Roast chicken, spinach and onions with lentils


Dinner - Baked spinach stuffed chicken, salad, hummus and pita, green beans

ham on wasa for snack later, oranges, apple

Dec 12
Lunch - apples, oranges, small tossed salad with chicken breast

Dinner - grilled pork chops, cauliflower with potatoes, pineapple later

Dec 11
Lunch - Broccoli Rabe, turkey, bean soup, fresh pineapple

oranges, apple

Dinner - Chicken slovalki, lentil soup

apples later

Dec 10
Lunch - Roast chicken, spinach and onions with lentils

apple, fruit salad

Dinner - grilled flank  steak, steamed broccoli, orange

cold cereal as snack later

Dec 9
Breakfast - Eggs Benedict, home fries


Dinner - Roast chicken, spinach and onions with lentils

low fat frozen yogurt later

Dec 8
Brunch - Ham and sweet potato hash, omletete with canadian bacon, onions, mushrooms, ff cheese

Dinner - Broccoli Rabe, turkey, bean soup, stuffed mushrooms, baked fresh swordfish

Dec 7
Lunch - Broccoli Rabe, turkey, bean soup

fat free frozen pistachio yogurt cone

Dinner - Broiled swordfish, quinoa with mixed vegetables

Dec 6
Lunch - Broccoli Rabe, turkey, bean soup

Cherries, ff chesse melted on Wasa

Dinner - Roasted chicken thighs and legs, roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli

cold cereal as snack later

Dec 5
Lunch - Broccoli Rabe, turkey, bean soup

Pineapple and Cantaloupe

Dinner - Baked halibut, veggie quinoa, broccoli, cold cereal as a snack later

Dec 4
Lunch - pasta, chicken, chick peas

cherries, ff cheese melted on wasa

Dinner - Broccoli Rabe, turkey, bean soup

fat free frozen yogurt later

Dec 3
Breakfast- Eggs scrambled, home fries, melon, pineapple

trail mix as a snack

Dinner/Lunch - Turkey and ham sandwich, lettuce, tomato, olives, hot peppers

Dec 2
Breakfast- Eggs Benedict (poached eggs, english muffin, turkey ham, hollandaise sauce) homefries

Dinner - Chicken and shrimp jambalaya, steamed mussels.

Dec 1
Breakfast- Ham and tomato omlette, fresh pineapple, english muffin

Lunch - Salad, minestrone soup

fresh fruit

Dinner - grilled seafood (scallops, shrimp, fish) and vegetables over rice pilaf