How did this collection come about?

Shortly after hurricane Katrina hit I wanted to do something and came up with the idea of putting together a recipe collection which we would distribute for free with a donation to the American Red Cross for disaster relief.  I didn't even want to see the money, just  forward me your receipt, and off goes a book.

A large corporate weight loss entity sent their lawyers calling suggesting I would probably end up in court if that was to happen.  That if anything in the collection used terms they had trademarked, I would be in violation of something, and they would not like that.  That there was no way to keep people from submitting copyrighted  materials (even though they do nothing on their site at all to prevent the exchange of other's copyrighted information), and that if people wanted to support the disaster, they could do so on their own.  


So the collection became a free list on the internet.  No money tied to it, even if it was to help somebody who lost absolutely everything, no legal issues.

If you find something in here  you like, and there is some incredible stuff in here for whatever  plan you are following, please remember the intent of the collection, and do something, no matter how small for people still affected by Katrina.


What makes  you have a weight loss recipe collection?

Where  do these recipes come from?

Why PDF format and how do I use it?

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