What is Mastercook?

Mastercook is recipe organization software. It's under 20, available at most computer and office supply stores, and a great way to organize, print, search, save,  get nutritional information,  etc for your recipe collection.  It can import with very little hassle from a simple cut and paste of a recipe from just about any source.

If you are already using it, you can import these recipes into your collection, Mastercook export formats are  provided on the front page.

I recommend you import into an empty cookbook, and then only move over the ones you want.  If you have been collecting recipes for any amount of time, then there are probably duplicates in here.  If you choose to import into your current cookbook, any recipes with the same name will be renamed with a space 1 after the name, you can search for any recipes with a number 1 in the title (make sure to search only titles) and delete the duplicates that way.

The history of these recipes What makes  you have a weight loss recipe collection?
Where  do these recipes come from? Why PDF format and how do I use it?

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