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February 2008

The question comes up pretty constantly, what do you eat in a day?  How do you guys do it?  

I decided to set up this section of the website to share some daily menus.  Chances are it won't be updated daily, but if it helps you spark a few new ideas, then all the better.

February finishes off a full year of daily meals, way more then enough information for people. There's been several vacations in there overseas, several parties, weekend trips, holidays, etc.  Maintaining this for another year is sort of silly, as it's probably been covered at some point along the way, and with 366 days of data, well it should be fairly easy to figure out how my weeks go.

View January 2008

Feb 29
Lunch - tossed salad, low fat cheese

Dinner - Swordfish, broccoli

Feb 28
Lunch - Lamb curry over brown rice, mixed fruit

Dinner - Grilled sirloin, mushrooms, onions, spinach

Feb 27
Lunch - Roast chicken, rice, chick peas

Dinner - Chicken mushroom, onion saute over mixed grains

Fat free cheese, mushrooms, and wasa bread "pizzas" later

Feb 26
Mixed fruit cup

Lunch - Chicken stew over whole wheat egg noodles

Dinner - Grapes, low fat cheeses

Feb 25
Lunch - saute of spiced eggplant, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes, home made italian sausage

Dry fruit and nut mix as a snack

Dinner - Tossed salad, hard boiled egg, mushrooms, olives

Feb 24
Breakfast - Fried eggs, fat free cheese, home made sausage on English Muffin

Dinner - Grilled steak, saute of spiced eggplant, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes, gapes

low fat frozen yogurt and cold cereal as snacks

Feb  23
Breakfast  - eggs, ham steak, home fries, english muffin

Dinner - Sushi, seafood noodle soup, edamame

Feb  22
Lunch - Roast chicken and steamed vegetables

Dinner - Baked chicken, cheeseburger, salad

Feb 21
Lunch - Chili on brown rice

Dinner - Baby herb salad made with tomatoes, low fat cheese, sliced pork loin

Feb 20
Lunch - Cornmeal crusted stuffed veal chop, bok choy and shitakes

low fat cheese as a snack

Dinner - Grilled steak, carmalized onions, steamed broccoli, fat free ice cream later

Feb 19
Lunch - Portabella wrap, salad, fries

Dinner - Grilled herb crusted pork, sauteed mushrooms, spinach, onions, fat free ice cream later

Feb 18
Lunch - prosciutto, Romano and ricotta cheese, tomatoes on roll

Dinner - Chicken, couscous, eggplant touriene

Feb 17
Breakfast - salami,cheese and bread

Lunch - Large tossed salad with mushrooms, walnuts, sliced beef, greens,  etc, mushroom and truffle oil bruchetta

Dinner - spaghetti with panchetta and tomato sauce, spiced lamb, tossed salad, gelatti

Feb 16
Breakfast - salami,cheese and fochia bread

Lunch - prosciutto, romano and ricotta cheese, tomatos on roll

Dinner- sauteed mussels, spaghetti with white clam sauce

Feb 15
Breakfast - salami and fochia bread

Lunch - Pizza bread, tomatoes, romano cheese, basil, olive oil

Dinner- Seafood rice, salad, gelatto later

Feb 14
Breakfast - salami and fochia bread,clementine

Lunch - prosciutto, tossed salad, parmesan, clementine

Dinner- Grilled peppers, zuchini, eggplant,veal and mushrooms in tomato sauce, oranges

Feb 13
Breakfast - salami and fochia bread

Lunch - dried beef, provolone on  roll, clementine later

Dinner - Lamb chops, roast potatoes, clams and muscles, tossed salad

Feb 12
Breakfast - Plane snack - Roll, chocolate granola

Dinner- veal and ham, proscuitto and mozerella, tossed salad, roasted potatoes

Feb 11
Breakfast - Ham and low fat cheese on english muffin

Lunch - Leftover roast beef wraps, tomatoes, fat free cheese, snack mix, grapes

Dinner - Airplane food - Beef stew, potatoes, roll

Feb 10
Breakfast - seasoned pork loin strips, shallots, mushroom omlette

Dinner - Roast beef, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy

Feb 9
Breakfast - Cheese scrambled eggs, home fries, blueberry muffin

Refried beans, shallots, mushrooms, jalepenos on corn tortillas as a snack

Dinner - lamb meatballs, marinated sirloin, humus

Feb 8
Breakfast - Ham and mushroom omlette, toast, home fries

Lunch - tossed salad, thai chicken, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes

Dinner - Baked halibut, sautéed eggplant, mushrooms, jalapeños, shallots

Feb 7
Lunch - Spinach salad, fresh virginia ham, low fat cheese

Dinner - balsamic chicken and portabella mushrooms on toasted roll

Popcorn and trail mix later as snack

Feb 6
Lunch - Ham and pineapple rice


Dinner - roast chicken, spicy chickpeas and rice.  Cold cereal and wasa and ham as snacks

Feb 5
Lunch - Lamb and poppy seed curry over brown rice

Dinner - Chicken and eggplant stew over whole wheat noodles

Feb 4
Lunch - Chicken borrito with rice, beans lettuce and tomatoes

Dinner - Party leftovers - Italian sandwich, Scallops au gratin,  bbq pork over baked potato,grapefruit later

Feb 3
Breakfast - Eggs benedict, home fries

Dinner - Several super bowl parties, cheese, crackers, BBQ pulled pork loin, cold cuts,  scallops au gratin

Feb 2
Breakfast - Two eggs over easy, home fries, english muffin, ham steak

ham and cheese with mushrooms toasted on wasa  bread for a  snack

Dinner- Pork loin stir fry (pork, pineapple, mushrooms, onions) and brown jasmine rice

Feb 1
Lunch - baby greens, tomatoes, ham and low fat cheese salad with fat free dressing

Dinner - Baked spiced haddock, mixed sautéed vegetables (eggplant, mushrooms, sweet potato, broccoli, jalepenos)